ARTICLES - Napoléon et la médecine

Histoire de l'art dentaire - Histoire de la stomatologie - Histoire de la Chirurgie maxillo-faciale

Histoire de la médecine

Histoire de la médecine

Prix Georges Villain d'histoire de l'art dentaire

Napoleonic medicine articles written by Xavier Riaud

The health service of the Great Army

Account on unknown doctors during the Empire who later became famous (1st part)

Account on unknown doctors during the Empire who later became famous (3rd part)

Raphaël Bienvenu Sabatier (1732-1811), the Emperor’s surgeon consultant 

Antoine Portal (1742-1832), doctor, knight of the Empire and founder of the Royal Academy of medicine 

Nicolas Heurteloup (1750-1812), chief surgeon of the Great Army, successor of Percy and baron of the Empire 

Noble surgeons, doctors or pharmacists of the Empire and/or holders of the Legion of Honour

Nicolas Deyeux (1745-1837), The first pharmacist of the Emperor

«I don't believe in Medicine, I believe in Corvisart» Napoleon

Antoine Augustin Parmentier (1737-1813), the first pharmacist of the Great Army and great promoter of the potato 

The teeth of Waterloo 

Was Napoleon poisoned with calomel ?

The Empire, the great marine travels, scurvy and teeth

Jean-Joseph Dubois-Foucou (1747-1830), Napoleon’s personal dentist

Medicine on the battle field during the Napoleonic wars 

Edme Joachim Bourdois de La Motte (1754-1835), first doctor of the King of Rome and Napoleon’s friend 

Pierre Jean Georges Cabanis (1757-1808), doctor, count and senator of the Empire 

Antoine Dubois (1756-1837), Marie-Louise’s obstetrician and baron of the Empire 

René-Nicolas Dufriche, baron Desgenettes (1762-1837), surgeon of the French Great Army 

François-Joseph Talma (1763-1826), a dentist and Napoleon’s favorite actor 

Actual informations about Napoleon the 2nd (1811-1832) and his teeth

A story within History : Napoleon's Mouth

Dr. Sten Forshufvud, a detective of History 

Forgotten doctors of the Empire’s nobility, two exceptional destinies: Girardot and Taillefer

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